Thursday, July 2, 2015

New School Yogi - Gerald Saluti

Photos: Instagram @geraldsaluti

At 47 years old, Gerald Saluti is in the best shape of his life. This despite multiple sports injuries from his college years and the responsibilities of being a father of 6, husband and primary caregiver to his wife, and a hectic yoga teaching schedule.

Gerald played basketball and tennis in college which led to several injuries; including, ruptured achilles tendons, ACL reconstruction, 11 pins and screws on his right ankle and 18 pins and screws on his right hand. Through his yoga practice, Gerald’s been able to “overcome the limitations these injuries put on my body.” No longer pushing his body for a competitive edge, he now works towards building balance with his asana practice, which he refers to as his “moving meditation.”
His search for balance, however, is not solely a physical endeavor. Yulady, Gerald’s wife and favorite yoga teacher, has endured 26 surgeries in their 11 years of marriage. As her caretaker, Gerald helps her and their family navigate through the “countless set-backs and disappointments” her condition presents. This requires both incredible strength, to push through the tough moments, and flexibility, to adapt to the daily fluctuations of her health. As Gerald explains it, “the interplay between strength and flexibility fosters balance.” This is an exercise he engages in daily. For Gerald, yoga is more than a metaphor for life. It is essential to his existence: “I truly would be lost without yoga.” High stress situations such as this can wear a person down. But Gerald finds daily inspiration in his tenacious wife and insists ”my mind is strong and I am constantly smiling.”

Perhaps the most impressive attribute Gerald has gained through yoga is not physical at all. Instead, it’s his mental perspective. His focus is not on himself. In his words: “The less I think about myself, the happier I am.” Self development physical or otherwise, has little significance if it does nothing for anyone other than yourself. “Yoga has helped me be a better father, husband and person in general,” says Gerald. Next time lethargy starts setting in, push through and get your ass on the mat. If not for yourself, for whoever you care about most.

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