Saturday, June 6, 2015

New School Yogi - Sean Phelps

Photos: Instagram @seanphelpslife

Sean Phelps is a hair stylist, clothing designer and yogi based out of Los Angeles. Looking at these images it’s easy to think he’s physically gifted and that these poses come natural to him. The reality is that Sean has several physical challenges which he deals with on a daily basis and is slowly overcoming through his yoga practice.

As a kid, Sean fractured his left humerus bone on the growth plate leaving it two inches shorter than his right arm. He has compensated for this by using a block when performing several poses. He’s worked his way down to a one inch block to keep himself balanced out. A car accident several years ago left him with chronic back pain. His remedy, a series of warrior three poses, increasing hold times as he gets stronger. Back pain is no longer an issue. Lotus pose seemed impossible to him considering he had ACL and MCL injuries. Clearly, he’s making progress there as well.

Sean is an inspiration not only because of his impressive flexibility, balance and strength, but because he’s achieved this level of body control despite multiple physical ailments which could have easily deterred him from going deeper into his practice. The lesson here is stop using a nagging injury as an excuse to keep you off the mat and instead, let it be the catalyst to push you through to the next level.

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