Monday, June 22, 2015

New School Yogi - Kevin Hofer

Photos: Instagram @kdhoferyoga

Kevin Hofer likes being in shape and he believes in “working your hardest at anything and everything you do.” But sticking to an exercise regimen you don’t enjoy is arduous and needless. Kevin “got really sick of lifting weights and having zero fun doing it.” He now practices yoga and movement every single day. Results speak for themselves.

We don’t usually think of exercise as play. In fact, we’re more apt to refer to it as work. Being a California dude - although currently residing in Seattle, Kevin is all about having fun with his exercise. Biking, longboarding and of course yoga. “I'm just in a park playing around on my hands trying to move in new ways.” He adds, “One of my favorite parts of yoga is just that - you take it with you everywhere you go.”

There is no need to follow prescribed notions of what it means to exercise. Hitting the weight room isn’t the only way to get fit. Take Kevin’s advice and check out Dylan Werner if you don’t think yoga can make you stronger. And don’t worry if you’re not flexible, as he puts it, “yoga is the way to become flexible.”

Inspired by yoga and movement experts like Ido Portal, Dylan Werner and Patrick Beach, Kevin pushes himself daily to grow in his practice. Being a professional photographer, you might say he’s a little obsessive about capturing just the right images of his poses. So part of his daily practice is repeating poses “over and over and over” until he’s satisfied with what he sees. The final products end up on his IG feed for us to admire. It’s remarkable how much he’s progressed in just over a year.The takeaway is through the act of attempting challenging poses - safely and thoughtfully, we build the foundation we need to eventually achieve them picture perfect.

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